2010 Molokai Hoe

Repeating as Senior Masters Molokai Hoe Champions, Mooloolba Outrigger won the race the second year running.
“It was a good race.  A little bit of a confusing ocean, but every once in awhile you’d get a good bump. Moolooloba had some very strong guys, so when I said let’s go, they would GO – we just parely knocked off Hui Nalu.”
As for the start, well Cole commented “Everone was lined up and the current was going down the coast.  All of a sudden everybody started, and you had guys right next to you catching waves, and your are side by side with all of these canoes.  It was a nightmare trying not to crash into anyone.  Guarenteed there were some cood crashed out there.”
“I’ve had a great time with the guys from Mooloolaba, they are good guys!”

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