Summer Time Camping

A thrilling tale acted…out by Steve Cole on early summer’s camping trip down the Napali Coast.  Access to locations only by boat…there are too many stories to tell!  Cole has 30 years of intimate knowledge of the Napali Coast.  It’s the downwind runs hugging the coast line that lead Cole to develope the pressurized hydration system which bares his nickname. 

This summer’s adventure required the camping trip to be made on two installments.  A wild trip down;outfitted with waistpacks, hand’s free hydration is the key to really enjoy the athleticism mother nature can drum  up and then a return trip over a week later.  The weather came up and equipment failures (an old rudder dicintegrated when landing at the final shore break aborting any chance of progress against returning in the rising head winds).  The retrieval trip was equipped with everything need to repair the missing rudder, but not much to replace the missing Hurricane seat from his girlfriend’s canoe.  After dark, on a moonless night, the two reached Ke’e  Beach  in just over two hours.  Their waistpacks had carried spare food, an emergency blanket, a flashlight and plenty of water in the hydration system to keeped them fuel had they had to spend the night out.

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